Quite simply, we love camping ... but really love camping in comfort. This is why Overlanding (and San Diego!) really appeals to us - as a family of 4 we can visit remote locations, away from any crowds but with all of our equipment and we don't have to sleep on the ground!

Founded in 2019, Funki Adventures (California Entity #201904410195) was established to provide luxury Overland camping experiences, all in one easy package. We have teamed up with Hastings Overland of Vancouver to provide the best trips, service, vehicles and equipment in the business. 


Here is some information on how we ensure your trip with us is fun, memorable and safe:

We have to emphasize, we take safety seriously and while we are all about ensuring our customers have an amazing, fun adventure, we absolutely put safety first. We also set up a WhatsApp chat with each group, so you can hit us with questions any time of the day.

After your trip, we aim to have you come back and tell us "That was the best vacation I've ever had!"

- Frank & The Funki Team

Director of Business Development