All vehicles & equipment thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before rental. Interiors ozone treated and surfaces disinfected

We use the Jeep Wrangler for a number of reasons: It's tough, comfortable and great on unpaved trails. The fact it looks so much better than an RV, regular camper or converted minivan is a bonus! It's an off-road four wheel drive 4WD camper with attitude and ability. Did we mention that it's easy to drive, so no previous off-roading experience is needed! 

Our Jeep Wrangler Campers are designed and four wheel drive 4x4 equipped to get you off the beaten path, i.e. desert tracks, forest and mountain trails. Please be aware they are not suitable for technical off-road trails, rock crawling or steep off-road ascents or descents.

Each Jeep seats 5, though we limit the number of adults to 4 due to space and weight restrictions. There is enough space for luggage for 4 people (provided you pack sensibly!) in addition to storage for all the equipment that we provide.

We equip our Jeeps with high quality parts and equipment from Extreme Terrain, specialists in Jeep Wrangler parts and accessories. Visit their website to see how you can add some cool upgrades to your Wrangler, and perhaps take it overlanding?

We are building an Adventure Van!

Available 2021-

Inquire for details



Wrangler Unlimited with luxury Roof Top Tent

(Included in the Rental)

The perfect 4x4 off-roader for conquering the Southwest of the US, our Jeep Wranglers are the 5 door Unlimited with space for up to 5 passengers (tent holds max of 4 if you opt for the larger version). Additional ground tent also available if needed.

Whether you have 1 or more in your group, the Jeep Wrangler will get you to some spectacular and remote locations comfortably, easily and has the added bonus of letting you experience the 'Jeep Wave'!


Professional Grade

(Included in the Rental)*

  • Easy to set up 2 person iKamper Roof Top Tent (option to upgrade to 4 person Roof Top Tent. See video on how easy it is to setup)

  • Full camp kitchen

  • Professional Grade Jetboil stove

  • (it really is amazing!)

  • Camping equipment (table, chairs etc)

  • Vehicle recovery equipment

  • Additional items such as sleeping bags, fridge or kayaks can be provided if needed.

  • Instructions on how to use


Keeping you safe!

(Included in the Rental)

  • First Aid Kit

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • Roll cage in each Jeep

  • GPS Emergency locator (additional daily fee - mandatory for rescue and recovery). This can be used to summon the emergency services, even if you are out of cellular range.

  • Support from the Funki Adventures Team - we are available to help out while you are on your trip.

  • Self-Drive doesn't mean you are on your own!

*some packages do not include equipment

Our Roof Top Tents Are Easy And Fast To Set Up

Funki Adventures have the easiest, fastest to set up and most comfortable Roof Top Tents (RTTs) available. The RTTs sleep either 2 or 4 people and come with luxurious memory foam mattresses. You will never want to sleep on the ground again! Click on the video below to see how easy the setup is.

4 Person

2 Person


We Provide High Quality Cooking Equipment Included In Your Rental

All of the cooking equipment and utensils you need are included  with your Funki Adventures rental. These include cups, plates, knives, forks, plates, pot, pan, tongs, spatula, sharp knives, oven glove and more. The key item is the stove, so we provide you with the best there is - the Jetboil Genesis Stove Basecamp kit. 


Camping Equipment & Vehicle Recovery Items Included In Your Rental*

Chairs, table, cooler and lanterns are all provided and if you need additional items such as sleeping bags, pillows or even a fridge - these can be added to your rental by selecting the relevant options during the reservation process.

To add a little fun to your trip you can also select additional options such as inflatable kayaks, paddle boards, a bike rack or even a portable solar shower - again, just let the Funki Adventures Team know by selecting these during the reservation process.

As you will be driving off road, which can be unpredictable and can throw up unexpected challenges, we include some equipment to help you keep your 4WD Jeep moving, but also to provide the sense of security that if if you get into difficulty, you have the equipment to deal with it. Each Jeep has a set of vehicle recovery boards (for soft sand, mud or snow), a battery booster unit and an air compressor (just in case you need to air-down your tires in low grip situations. Self-drive and self-sufficient!

*Equipment is not included in all rental packages - ask for more info


Safety Equipment Provided On Every Trip

Overlanding and camping in the desert or mountains is reasonably safe, as long as you follow good judgement, drive carefully and avoid unnecessary risks. However, we want to ensure you have what you need in the unlikely event of an emergency. Each hired 4x4 Jeep comes with a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and has a factory installed roll cage.

Additionally, we provide a satellite messenger which can be used to alert authorities in the event of a serious situation. As it is a satellite unit, it can work even where there is no cell coverage. This unit can also be used if the Jeep is somehow out of commission in the back country. There is a Save Our Vehicle (SOV) service integrated into the Spot X satellite tracker which can be used to call a tow truck, even if off the paved roads. Natually, you can always contact the Team at Funki Adventures with any questions.

What's Included As Part Of The Basic Rental?*
  • 1.
    A pretty cool, well maintained 4x4  Jeep Wrangler which will take you wherever you need to go. You drive it yourself! So much more fun than being driven by an underpaid tour guide...
  • 2.
    Luxury Roof Top Tent (RTT) by iKamper, complete with memory foam mattress. Comfortably sleeps 2, with an option to rent a larger 3 to 4 person RTT (also fits 2 adults/2 kids)
  • 3.
    Cooking equipment including grill, pots, pan, plates, cups, cutlery etc. Check out the video on the Jetboil Basecamp stove. The Funki Adventures Team can also show you how to use it.
  • 4.
    Camping equipment such as lanterns, table and chairs. We also provide vehicle recovery tools, just in case.... Self-drive and self-sufficient!
  • 5.
    Safety equipment: Fire extinguisher, First Aid Kit, roll cage and a GPS locator for SOS situations is also provided (daily charge for this mandatory item)
  • 6.
    120 free miles per day. You also have the option to purchase more miles in advance, just in case you think you need them! 

*Equipment is not included in all rental packages. Additional charges may apply - ask for more info

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