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There's a good possibility you have questions about renting our off-road Overland Jeeps and exactly what camping equipment is included etc.

We will have an FAQ section shortly, but for the moment, please reach out to us via phone, email, Facebook, Instagram or carrier pigeon ... it doesn't matter as long as we connect. There's even a contact form lower down this page. Our 4WD campers are all self-drive, meaning you 'drive your own adventure' without having to rely on tour guides ... go wherever you want, whenever you want!

Please read our Terms and Conditions for additional info on our rental policies.

Our goal is to help you plan a vacation trip in the deserts, the mountains, near the rivers and lakes or even in one of the many nearby National Parks. Ask as many questions as you want - that way we can ensure you have a memorable and amazing camping and Overlanding trip.

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  • Overland vehicle rental San Diego
  • Overland vehicle rental San Diego
  • Overland Rental San Diego