We Build Trip Plans for You

(It's not just 4x4 Jeep Rental!)

Custom Trip Plan:

You won't want to come home...

- Personal Tour guide assigned to build your custom plan

- Tailored written plan plus custom Google Map covering the complete trip

- Incentives from local stores & vendors

- Plans available for 3,4,5+ days

- Route plans and directions

- Hidden and unusual destinations

- Local knowledge and history included

- Custom route to meet your preferences 

- Personal professional tour guide assigned

- Email and phone collaboration

- Support during your trip


  • Based on your preference and needs


  • This will help us identify the best plan for you
  • If Option 2, we will assign a trip planner


  • Option 1 plans will take approximately 3 working days for delivery
  • Option 2 plans can take up to 2 weeks, depending on length of trip, your requirements and other factors

California's Best Trip Planning Team

  • San Diego's Premier Overland Trip Provider

  • Hundreds of successful trips completed

  • Specializes in Custom Trip Plans

  • Familiarity with dispersed or primitive camping locations

  • Love finding new places!

  • 10 years of California Road Trip experience

  • Hundreds of hidden and unusual locations documented

  • Every trip researched in-person

  • Trips include both the 'famous' sights as well as the hidden treasures

  • San Diego's #1 source for hidden and unusual locations and trips

  • 10 years of local exploration

  • Extensive collection of historical information on sites/locations

  • An appetite to share with other adventurers!

Working together to create unforgettable trips & adventures

Choose Your Own Adventure

Let us do the legwork

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We want to hear what your are considering for your next trip. Please reach out and one of our Trip Experts can work with you and build a custom Trip Plan, to make it all, so very easy!

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