Gift a free road trip to someone on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.

Funki Adventures are supporting Road Trips for the Rock Stars

Contribute to the Road Trips for the Rock Stars Fund Today

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Funki Adventures are donating free nights to this initiative, to say thank you to our Covid-19 Rock Stars and Heroes (especially those local to us in San Diego!)
Please contribute to the fund, so we can extend their trips, put gas in their tanks and reward more hardworking, Covid-fighting Rock Stars in our community!
Doctors. Nurses. Paramedics. Sanitation crews. Fire fighters. Police. Public health officials running the numbers. Mayors making the hard calls. Landlords waiving rent payments.
Your brother who sewed 200 masks. The grocer delivering food to your elderly neighbor’s door. The pen pals sending letters to strangers so they don’t feel alone. The school food service manager who knew kids would still need meals.

The Road Trips for the Rock Stars Fund was initiated by GoCamp, a peer-to-peer camper van rental company that believes in the healing power of community. Our goal is to distribute free road trips to rock stars who will need to rest, recuperate and recharge when the worst of this pandemic is finally behind us. 

We’re joined by fellow camper van rental companies who share the same goal. Together we’re kicking off the Fund with 300 free nights of road trips.


Now we just need to hear more stories about the rock stars in your community who would find a camping trip to be the perfect antidote to today’s challenges. 

Please consider making a contribution to the Fund and nominating a rock star in your community. Alternatively, because we are all going to need a break from this when it is over, you can make a deposit today on your own road trip in the future. If you do, we’ll add even more free nights to the Road Trips for the Rock Stars Fund.  

After fighting (& beating!) Covid-19, here are examples of where your nominees can find well deserved rest and solitude:


  • Average Trip: 4 days

  • Summer High: 102F/39C

  • Winter High: 65F/18C

  • 500 miles of roads and trails

  • Slot canyons and caves

  • 'Mars like' scenery

  • Incredible night time sky

  • Funki trip plans available

  • Can be combined with other trips

  • Close to San Diego


  • Average Trip: 4 days

  • Summer High: 99F/37C

  • Winter Avg: 65F/18C

  • Short trip from San Diego

  • Use your 4x4 campervan to access the best scenery

  • Amazing rock formations

  • Scenic view points

  • Great camping locations

  • Easy drive from San Diego


  • Average Trip: 4 days

  • Summer Average: 99F/37C

  • Winter Average: 60F/15C

  • No need to pay for local 4x4 rentals ... you've already got one!

  • Amazing, unspoiled locations to camp

  • Both natural and historic places of interest


  • Average Trip: 8 Days

  • Summer High: 107F/42C

  • Winter High: 60F/16C

  • 4WD capability allows access to some secluded locations

  • One of the most awe-inspiring places on earth

  • Trips include multiple destinations


  • Average Trip: 6 Days

  • Summer High: 116F/47C

  • Winter High: 70F/21C

  • Off-road ability allows you to access many hidden spots

  • Historic sites of interest

  • Lowest elevation in USA

  • Amazing views

  • Trips include multiple destinations


  • Average Trip: 8 Days

  • Summer High: 92F/33C

  • Winter High: 48F/9C

  • Get there in comfort, stay there in comfort with your Jeep camper van

  • Feel like you are in a Wild West movie!

  • Stunning desert colors

  • Trips include multiple destinations