How to Travel Safely: Summer Road Trippers are Creating new COVID-19 Hot Spots

According to an article in Forbes magazine today by Suzanne Rowan Kelleher @suzannekelleher, PolicyLab at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia released projections that the novel Coronavirus was spreading along US interstate highways.

RV camping vs overlanding
Are crowded campsites contributing to Covid-19 spreading?

Their projections have proven accurate over the past 4 weeks. According to Dr. Gregory Tasian, a lead researcher at PolicyLab, travel for work and vacation is increasing the spread of the virus particularly in summer where there are more gatherings and more mixing through vacations.

Dr. Tasian stated "We noted early on how the Imperial County outbreak in Southern California spread up the I-10 to the I-5 before the entire state of California rapidly worsened. We saw spread along the I-85 and I-95 corridors, which continues to this day,” the post continued. “And we were quick to observe vacation areas, such as Hilton Health Island, Virginia Beach and Galveston, Texas, worsen after Memorial Day. More recently, we’ve now seen similar patterns along I-94 originating in Detroit and affecting Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, and Kalamazoo on its path west to the counties along Lake Michigan.”

Based on current trends, the PolicyLab team sees trouble ahead for some top summer destinations that have so far managed to stay out of COVID-19 headlines. “We clearly see now that vacation spots, many which were among the most popular July Fourth destinations, are accumulating risk,”

So what are the options if you want to get away, but don't want to part of, or contribute to the problem?

Overlanding Big Sur
Socially distant camping - beats a campground any day. Photo credit: @hiddencalifornia

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