California - it's more than just beaches and Disney

When self-isolation and binge waiting Netflix is over, it will be time to experience Southern California the way nature intended, through the beaches, deserts and mountains. While Disneyland and Hollywood are great places to visit, in the Anza Borrego Desert or forests of Big Bear, you simply won’t have to share the incredible outdoors of the Golden State with many others, especially if you follow one of our custom trip plans..

The weather is one thing to love about California, but what’ll really get you here is the wide range in temperature. Ever been someplace where you could get up and have a snowball fight in the morning and make it to the beach by mid-afternoon to work on your tan? That’s California for you.

In addition to its own incredible scenery and remote camping locations, San Diego is the perfect starting point for any road-trip to world famous locations like The Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Joshua Tree National Park and yes ... Vegas baby! These locations can all be reached via routes offering spectacular views, plentiful historic locations and vast open spaces which are begging to be explored.

So depending on your mood, you can cruise on Route 66 or tackle the famous Burns Canyon off-road Trail. Sleep 282 feet below sea level in Death Valley (where you will get the most spectacular view of the heavens at night), or slumber in Magnificent Yosemite National Park. With the right vehicle and camping equipment, you will have access to the entire South West of the USA - to places the tour buses simply cannot reach.

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