Overlanding & Camping: The Western Deserts of the US

Drive to the Stunning Locations in a 4WD Camper

Sculptural canyons, undulating sand dunes, abundant wildlife and a luminous sky - not what you first think of when you hear the word 'desert'. Yet these incredible places, Mojave, Death Valley, Joshua Tree and the Grand Canyon are all within a comfortable drive of Funki Adventures San Diego. Explore during the day, sleep beneath incredible skies at night in the comfort of our luxury Roof Top Tents. Camp in luxury. Discover the silence of the desert.

While most visitors to these famous deserts stick to the paved roads, Funki Adventures will help you find the hidden gems, the locations that can only be reached in a 4x4, off the beaten path.

Choose to venture to the most remote corners of these deserts, or stay close to the well-traveled trails where you will encounter plenty of other off-roaders and overland adventurers. Discover the 'Jeep wave' for yourself!

We Can Build You A Custom Trip Plan

The sky’s the limit! Tell us what your dream trip would be and we'll make it happen! Whether you're looking for a honeymoon trip for 2, a family adventure or a corporate trip, mountains, deserts, lakes or a combo of them all, we can do it. A dedicated Funki Adventures Custom Trip Consultant will work closely with you to bring your dreams to reality. Call us at 858-888-3117 to speak with your Custom Trip Consultant or click on the button below.



  • Average Trip: 4 days

  • Summer High: 102F/39C

  • Winter High: 65F/18C

  • 500 miles of roads and trails

  • Slot canyons and caves

  • 'Mars like' scenery

  • Incredible night time sky

  • Funki trip plans available

  • Can be combined with other trips

  • Close to San Diego



  • Average Trip: 4 days

  • Summer High: 99F/37C

  • Winter Avg: 65F/18C

  • Short trip from San Diego

  • Use your 4x4 campervan to access the best scenery

  • Amazing rock formations

  • Scenic view points

  • Great camping locations

  • Easy drive from San Diego



  • Average Trip: 4 days

  • Summer Average: 99F/37C

  • Winter Average: 60F/15C

  • No need to pay for local 4x4 rentals ... you've already got one!

  • Amazing, unspoiled locations to camp

  • Both natural and historic places of interest



  • Average Trip: 8 Days

  • Summer High: 107F/42C

  • Winter High: 60F/16C

  • 4WD capability allows access to some secluded locations

  • One of the most awe-inspiring places on earth

  • Trips include multiple destinations



  • Average Trip: 6 Days

  • Summer High: 116F/47C

  • Winter High: 70F/21C

  • Off-road ability allows you to access many hidden spots

  • Historic sites of interest

  • Lowest elevation in USA

  • Amazing views

  • Trips include multiple destinations



  • Average Trip: 8 Days

  • Summer High: 92F/33C

  • Winter High: 48F/9C

  • Get there in comfort, stay there in comfort with your Jeep camper van

  • Feel like you are in a Wild West movie!

  • Stunning desert colors

  • Trips include multiple destinations