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We want to build a tailored trip just for you!

The sample plan we are providing is one for a desert trip. We provide similar plans for coastal trips, adventures in the mountains or National Parks. Please contact us with your preference and we will get it done!

Trip planning in partnership with

Hidden California and Hidden San Diego:

California custom trip plans
San Diego custm trip plans
California overland map

With over 10 years exploring California, the Hidden California team have uncovered thousands of unique, interesting and often unknown locations. Many of these are not in the guidebooks and the majority are even unknown to locals.

Hidden California is working with Funki Adventures to discover even more, off-the-beaten path locations and routes, for our customers to enjoy.

San diego overland map

When you make your reservation, here are the steps to building your dream trip:

  1. You will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire (5 mins) so we can better understand what type of trip you’d like

  2. A professional tour guide is assigned to create your unique trip. It takes approx 1 to 1 ½ weeks to build a comprehensive tailored trip

  3. During the trip building process, we will sometimes contact you for clarification on your preferences, to verify certain activities are suitable etc

  4. Your tour guide will contact campsites to ensure they are open and have availability. Campsites can fill up after we check this, so it is important you contact them and book asap.

  5. Your custom plan along with detailed custom Google map, is emailed

  6. The custom Google map includes multiple additional points of interest, numerous camping site options, details on where to buy gas/groceries/firewood, some quirky local places along the route and much, much more.

  7. Our goal is to send you to locations that 90% of tourists or travelers never hear about, as well as to get you off the beaten path. Having a Trail Rated 4x4 Jeep makes this possible!

  8. If you have any concerns or questions, we will answer by email or by phone, whichever is best at the time.

  9. You have trip support during your adventure and can contact us to ask questions, request alternatives or to simply let us know how amazing your trip is!

  10. Trips can be custom built from 3 days to 30 days.

We Can Build You A Custom Trip Plan

The sky’s the limit! Tell us what your dream trip would be and we'll make it happen! Whether you're looking for a honeymoon trip for 2, a family adventure or a corporate trip, we can do it all. A dedicated Funki Adventures Custom Trip Consultant will work closely with you to bring your dreams to reality. Call us at 858-888-3117 to speak with your Custom Trip Consultant or click on the button below.


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